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Rug Guide

Rugs – A Design Revelation Looking for a rug? Sick of typing “rugs in Ireland”, “Ireland rugs” or “online rugs Ireland” into Google? Let the stress be gone – when it comes to rugs, Clarke’s...

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Christmas Gift For Men

Real Deals Gift Guide - Best DIY Gifts for Christmas 2022 Tis the season to be jolly but if you’re freaking out, wondering “Ho ho how am I going to think of a gift?”, our ...

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Laminate Floor Inspiration

Fall in love with Laminate Flooring Interior designers often talk about the fifth wall, referencing the oft forgotten potential of the humble ceiling. Thankfully the floor is afforded much more thought, and for good reason – it can make or break an interior design scheme. With so many ...

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Mirrors in Interior Design

Seeing Beyond Reflection Life itself is our biggest privilege, even if at times, it can get too intense; we rush, in terms of busy lifestyle, either it is work, school or a creche run. There is so many opportunities out there, that we don’t want to miss out on, and whenever we step out o...

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Interior Growth

Blog Introduction It is through home - a slow living - that we find and build really strong relationships with ourselves and other people. However, while living ‘essentially‘,  our homes should represent the heart of our values. In this way, a home isn’t just a physical, in-the-flesh structure, but also a...

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