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Fall in love with Laminate Flooring

 Interior designers often talk about the fifth wall, referencing the oft forgotten potential of the humble ceiling. Thankfully the floor is afforded much more thought, and for good reason – it can make or break an interior design scheme. With so many flooring options available, deciding on the perfect floor can set your head in a spin. Time and time again, we see customers weigh up the pros and cons of tiles, carpet, laminate flooring, polished concrete and vinyl and more often than not laminate flooring wins out. It’s not surprising – laminate floors really do tick the boxes when it comes to modern living. There is tremendous choice when it comes to styles, patterns and colours of laminate floor, it’s budget-friendly, simple to install, easy to maintain and highly durable.

Today, laminate flooring is so realistic that even the most seasoned professional has difficulty deciphering the difference between a wood-effect laminate and a real wood floor. There’s so much to love about laminate! By choosing laminate you get all the design perks of using a natural material without the price tag or the associated snags. Because flooring is generally in situ for a long period of time, changed much less frequently than wall colours or furniture, it needs to be resilient to wear and tear and to be visually versatile, complimenting the different design transformations an interior may experience over the years. Wood-effect laminates are great in this respect. They borrow adaptable tones and hues from nature and introduce a warm, tactile texture wherever they are used.

The ever-popular traditional tones of oak such as the Mammut Mountain Oak Nature 12mm Laminate Floor lend themselves to creating cosy, contemporary interiors. For a bright, Scandi aesthetic, the monochromatic shades of Dynamic Nordic Oak 4V 8mm Laminate Flooring are ideal. Alternatively, it’s easy to create a loft-like feel with the smoky accents of Kronopol Buckingham Oak 10mm Laminate Floor. A great tip to maximise a feeling of openness in a space where laminate floor has been used is to streamline transitions between floors with matching or complimentary cover strips. Also bear in mind that laminate floor comes in lots of different styles, herringbone has proven a really popular choice, check out the stunning Herringbone Calais Oak 8mm Laminate Flooring or for wider planks to create a more spacious feel, look to Mammut Plus Macro Oak Beige 12mm Laminate Floor.

If you want to read more about laminate flooring, we found some really useful tips and interesting articles relating to laminate floor at . At Clarke’s of Bailieborough our team of experts are happy to help you discover the ideal flooring solution for your space. We have a huge selection of laminate floor available online and in store – now is the perfect time to find your floor!

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