Rugs in the Interior

Rugs – A Design Revelation

Looking for a rug? Sick of typing “rugs in Ireland”, “Ireland rugs” or “online rugs Ireland” into Google? Let the stress be gone – when it comes to rugs, Clarke’s of Bailieborough have you (and your floor) covered! So whether you’re looking for rugs for bedroom, rugs for living room, children’s rugs or outdoor rugs, our selection is bound to offer up the perfect rugs for your home. 

You have already made choices for your room or space that convey how you want that space to feel. The colour of your walls, the type of floor, the style of furniture all play a role in influencing the overall mood of your space. Adding a rug to your design scheme might seem like an insignificant thing but it’s not! When it comes to interior design, rugs have superpowers.

Here’s our guide to using rugs in your room…

1. Create cosiness

By their nature, rugs are soft, tactile or textured. In a space where surfaces such as floors, worktops and furniture are hard and can feel solid and cold, rugs create comfort and warmth. As well as feeling cushy underfoot, the introduction of a rug generates a feeling of luxury and cosiness – that snug feeling that invites you to enjoy spending time in a space, enveloped by comfort and calm. Not only do rugs create a feeling of warmth, they also have heat retaining properties which are a useful aid to keeping a room warm, a welcome feature in winter months.

2. Call in some colour

Rugs are a wonderful way to bring colour to an interior scheme. Often, we choose neutral or natural tones for the long-term fixtures of a room such as the furniture and flooring and sometimes that can leave a room looking lacklustre. Adding a colourful rug can give a space energy, lift the mood and create that missing wow element. 

Go bold with high-intensity patterns and colours to create a focal point in a large room. Our collection of multicolour rugs are fun and fresh – smile-inducing bursts of vibrancy. The Sunrise Rug 9349 and the 16thAvenue 35A Multi Rug are firm favourites. Choosing a paler coloured rug will make a smaller room seem more spacious. Rugs like the Nomadic 5413 Cream/Gray Rug will achieve this effect. Ensure design continuity by choosing a rug that features one or two colours from your chosen room scheme. Opting for a rug in a complimentary colour to your walls or furniture will provide the extra zing your room needs. 

3. Define a zone

Rugs are a fantastic tool when it comes to denominating space. In open plan interiors where walls no longer define the function of a space, it can be hard to avoid the appearance of a single cavernous area which, for example, houses the kitchen, dining and living spaces. Rugs are a great aid in creating intimate zones within this large space. A rug placed underneath a dining table and chairs set instantly denotes this area as a dining space without the need for partitions. A living room rug, large enough to sit beneath sofas and coffee table designates this zone as a space where relaxing and chilling are the order of the day. A small rug which sits neatly under a desk and chair creates a neat and inconspicuous office space. Used in this way, rugs can transform a multi-functional space from haphazard and intimidating to beautiful and comfortable.

4. Add the wow factor

There’s no better tool to create a powerful design statement than a stylish and striking rug. Colour, design and pattern are your friends here. Our collection of designer rugs really do pack a punch. Effused with colour, compelling abstract designs or geometric shapes, these rugs provide personality and pizazz. The Inaluxe Shipping News Rug is a great example of how a stand-out rug can have a positive impact on the success of a room’s overall design. Geometric rugs can also make a stunning style statement – their strong patterns draw the eye and create a focal point. The Craft 23495 Grey/Gold Rug and the Nomadic 7611 Grey/Aqua Rugprove how effective pattern and form can be.

5. Sounds Good

One of the practical perks of a rug is its ability to soak up sound. In open plan spaces or areas with polished concrete, tiled or even laminate floors, sometimes sound carries and it can feel as if conversations can be heard throughout the house. A rug can absorb the sound and eradicate the echoes. The more plush and thick your rug, the more effective it will be in reducing noise. Shaggy rugs and wool rugs are great in this regard. The Sierra 9000 Pebble Grey Rug or the Super Teddy Navy Rug are dense and luxurious, as is the hand tufted wool Elements EL83 Beige/Peach Rug.

6. Get playful

Children’s rugs are bright, colourful and full of fun - a great way to add an element of playfulness to a kids room. Our children’s rug collection includes moon and stars, rockets and butterfly themed rugs as well as rugs that encourage imaginative play. The Hong Kong Kids 4897 Blue Rug depicts a woodland-inspired scene, inviting play with ladybirds and dragonflies while the Hong Kong Kids 5179 Green Rug portrays a city scene with roads to vroom around. 

7. Create a room outside

More and more, we’re investing in our outdoor spaces as areas to relax, entertain and enjoy. Outdoor furniture, from rattan sofas to egg chairs, along with chimeneas and fire pits are transforming our gardens, patios and decking areas into comfortable spaces to lounge in. To take your outdoor space to the next level and create an inviting al fresco area, add an outdoor rug. Durable and weather resistant, outdoor rugs are the perfect way to add that extra design element and make your outdoor space an extension of your home. Available in a huge variety of colours, designs and sizes, our range of outdoor rugs are all set to bring that special design flair to your outdoor area. The popular Alfresco Jumbo Adana Rug is delightfully fun, the Santa Monica Black Rugis effortlessly chic and the POP! Outdoors Yellow Rug brings a little burst of joy.

8. Keep it natural

Sustainable and strong, jute rugs are an eco-friendly option made from natural fibres woven together to create a beautiful, natural rug for your home. Undyed, they have a straw-like colour, ideal for spaces where natural tones or crisp whites are used. Jute rugs are rustic and homely and a great way to invite organic textures into your home. Keep it simple with the Bazaar Jute 17965 Natural Rug or add delicate design with the Bazaar Jute 24831 Natural Rug

Now you have the low-down on how effective and transformative rugs can be, it’s time to get choosing the perfect rug for your space. We have divided our rug collection into categories to help you find what you’re looking for, be that shaggy rugs, modern rugs, multicolour rugs or traditional rugs. Whichever rug you choose, we’re sure it will be a really successful addition to your home, adding the comfort and joy that makes interior design great!

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