Christmas Gift For Her

Christmas Gift Hotlist Revealed

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 The results are in! Guys, you asked us for our help in figuring out what the must-have gift for her is this Christmas and the results are interesting to say the least!

Coming in at: Number One is Travel – not surprising given that we’ve all been stuck at home for quite some time now but it seems the thought of packing a suitcase and hitting the road or taking to the skies to visit somewhere special is the most likely gift to place you in the good books this year!

In at Number Two is a Gift Card, which essentially means you’re being trusted to choose where she gets to go on a shopping spree but not what she chooses to buy! And if you’re lucky you’ll be left at home while she heads off to get her dose of retail therapy in the New Year, meaning you get all the credit for buying the perfect gift with none of the hassle of actually having to enter a shop!

In joint place at Number Three are perfume or beauty bits or a spa getaway. Essentially, a bit of pampering is on the cards come the New Year and who knows, you might get dragged along to a seaweed bath or hot stone massage – worse things could happen!

We are delighted to report that in at Number Four is… a cordless drill! Domestic divas up for some DIY is exactly what we at Clarke’s love to see! And we have quite the range of cordless drills to choose from both in store and online. Sharing fourth place with that desirable cordless drill are pyjamas and slippers and clothes. For the record, we do not recommend partaking in DIY projects while wearing the aforementioned slippers and pyjamas – safety first at all times!

Surprisingly low on the Christmas Wishlist and coming in at Number Five is jewellery, it seems a bit of bling is not top of the list this year. Items rejected by the lovely ladies who completed our  Christmas Gift Survey include a box of chocolates, electronics or a claw hammer - have these wrapped and under the tree at your peril, you’ve been warned! Thanks to all for taking part in the survey and for taking the guesswork out of the Christmas shopping, we hope everything you want and more is waiting for you under the tree come Christmas Day!

Christmas Gift Hotlist 2022

1.     Travel

2.     Gift Card

3.     Spa Getaway

Perfume or Beauty Bits

4.     Cordless Drill (from Clarke’s, of course)

Pyjamas and slippers


5.     Jewellery

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