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Faithfull Folding Utility Knife


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Folding Utility Knife Faithfull
This knife is ideal for all users who have to carry one around in a pocket in order to perform their job. Whether it be a tradesman who is climbing up and down ladders, a service engineer or a store man undoing strapping bands and boxes, a knife in a pocket is a potentially dangerous thing.
This Faithfull folding pocket knife locks the blade securely into the body when it is not being used. The oval shape (when closed) prevents any sharp edges snagging or digging in to you when you are moving around.
The all metal design features a blade locking system to lock the knife securely when it is open and ready for use. There is also a quick-change blade mechanism. Simply depress the release lever at the top of the blade holding section, and then slide the blade out and replace. This knife uses standard pocket knife blades (1992 style) which are readily available.
- Compact sized folding pocket knife.
- Oval shape when closed – no sharp edges or snagging of pockets.
- All metal construction.
- Blade locking system with quick blade change.
- Stainless steel blade holder.
- Uses standard 1992 style knife blades.
- Metal belt clip.
- Available in red, gold or blue.
DELIVERY TIME: 2 - 5 working days.
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