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Fast, Low Fuss, High Heat Solid Fuel
Shimada Heat Logs are the perfect choice if you're looking for a fast, low fuss, high heat solid fuel option. They're made from sawdust that has been dried and compacted under high pressure and heat, using a natural binding agent called lignin. This results in a dense, durable log that burns quickly and cleanly, producing a high heat output.
Shimada Heat Logs are ideal for use in open fires, multi-fuel stoves, and even chimineas and fire baskets. They're also a great outdoor fuel for use in the summer.
Benefits of Shimada Heat Logs:
- Fast ignition: Shimada Heat Logs light quickly and easily, so you can enjoy a warm fire in no time.
- High heat output: Shimada Heat Logs produce a high heat output, so they're perfect for heating your home or outdoor space.
- Clean burning: Shimada Heat Logs burn cleanly, with low ash and smoke emissions.
- Environmentally friendly: Shimada Heat Logs are made from a renewable resource and are EPA registered and approved.
How to Use Shimada Heat Logs:
Simply place a few Shimada Heat Logs on your grate and light them with a match or lighter. Once the logs are lit, you can adjust the airflow to control the heat output. Shimada Heat Logs will burn for several hours, so you can enjoy a warm fire without having to constantly add fuel.
Order your Shimada Heat Logs today and experience the difference!
PACK SIZE: 8 logs
ITEM CODE: 5391521380654


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