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Laminate Flooring Underlay

Discover our selection of floor underlay, including 2mm , 3mm and 5mm underlay suitable for all types of wooden and laminate flooring, including flooring laid over underfloor heating systems. 

Easy to install with a myriad of benefits to extend the life of your floor, underlay is an integral component in the successful installation of wooden and laminate flooringFloor underlayment is a thin, padded layer of material that is installed beneath your laminate flooringUnderlay protects your wooden or laminate flooring against damage, extends its lifespan and provides other benefits such as noise reduction, comfort and insulation. 

Floor underlay for laminate plays a vital role in impact and noise reduction. This is particularly important if the floor underlay in question is on a first or second floor – here laminate flooring underlay muffles and dampens down the sound of steps, movement and walking noise on the laminate floor. All types of underlay on sale in Clarke’s of Bailieborough provide noise reduction with Brutus XPS High Performance 5mm Underlay providing the best noise cancellation. Trojan Pro Traffic 3mm Underlay, Trojan Silent Blue Plus 3mm Underlay and Whiteriver Acoustic Blue 3mm Underlay are also great options when it comes to significantly reducing noise. 

Another vital aspect of floor underlay is its capability to level out any minor unevenness in the subfloor, providing the wooden or laminate boards a smooth surface on which to float. This avoids any friction between the laminate flooring and the subfloor and allows the laminate floor to expand and shift according to the climate in the room without causing the boards to strain or warp. Because laminate flooring is not fixed to the subfloor with nails or glue, it requires a form of cushion to allow it to float, absorb impact and to protect the joints of the floor from warping and flexing – underlay provides this cushion. 

In a situation where wooden or laminate flooring is being laid onto a concrete subfloor, a vapor barrier is needed to prevent possible damage to the floor due to moisture being released by the concrete. Here, Brutus XPS High Performance 5mm Underlay, Trojan Acoustic Silver 3mm Underlay and Trojan Silent Blue Plus 3mm Underlay are excellent choices. Without underlay the potential for flooring to become wet, warped or develop mould and mildew is high. Underlays which incorporate a vapour barrier protect your wooden of laminate floor from absorbing moisture and ensure that your flooring lasts for years and years.

Yet another important attribute of flooring underlay is its insulation properties. Without underlay, laminate flooring can feel cold, especially if installed over a concrete subfloor. To help your room to retain heat and save money on energy, choose an underlay with a high tog rating.

If your room or home has underfloor heating, it is important to use a laminate underlay for underfloor heating systems. Thermal underlays allow heat to pass effectively from the underfloor heating system through the underlay, the flooring and into the room.

For advice on which floor underlay is best for your project check out our selection in-store or online or speak to our expert flooring advisers at Clarke’s of Bailieborough.

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