Flooring Matters – Factors to Consider

Undoubtedly, choosing the flooring for your home is one of the biggest interior design decisions you will make. Possibly the most long-term element in any interior scheme, your floor needs not just to stand up to wear and tear, but must also be versatile enough to adapt to multiple re-decorations over the course of its lifetime. Styles may change but often the flooring doesn’t, so making sure your floor will go with a variety of paint colours or different furniture is a wise move.  At Clarke’s of Bailieborough we understand that selecting the ideal flooring solution for your home can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, deciding on the type, the style and the colour of laminate floor can become a stressful endeavour. 

Consider the function – does the laminate floor need to be easy to clean and stand up to a lot or traffic as is necessary in a kitchen? Choose high quality textured laminate flooring. Flooring in a bedroom won’t need to withstand as much and here comfort and cosiness is key. The flooring in living areas need to be durable but the aesthetic is also really important so choosing flooring in line with your style is vital to creating your perfect space.

Laminate floor is hugely versatile and an immensely popular choice amongst our customers. Used in kitchens, living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, playrooms, offices and even bathrooms, laminate floor is durable, simple to install, easy to keep clean and cost effective. With a hyper-realistic likeness to real wood, laminate creates the sumptuous warmth evoked by natural patterns and textures. Browse our extensive laminate floor collection and discover the floor to ground your personal style.

Once you’ve selected your floor it’s important to consider the floor underlay that will allow it to perform to its best. We supply a wide variety of floor underlay with an array of different properties to best suit your needs. Perhaps floor underlay that provides superior soundproofing is necessary in your situation. Alternatively, floor underlay that is compatible with underfloor heating may be what is required. 

When it comes to installing laminate floors, floor fitting tools can make the job much easier. An invaluable floor fitting tool is the Unika Laminate Floor Fitting Kit, containing a collection of floor fitting tools designed to fast track the installation process.

An often overlooked aspect of the interior design of a space is the aesthetic relationship between flooring and skirting boards and architrave. For a design scheme to appear seamless the flooring, skirting boards and architrave need to compliment each other. Using skirting boards and architrave in a colour or design complimentary to your flooring creates a cohesive design that flows. 

The same rule applies to flooring cover strips. Flooring cover strips are used to hide joints between different types of flooring or different areas of flooring, often needed at thresholds, where areas transition. Flooring cover strips are available in a variety of materials and designs and choosing the correct cover strip means that rather than drawing your eye to these transitional areas, they are masked and barely noticeable, adding fluidity to your design scheme.

We have mentioned the easy-to-clean nature of laminate flooring above but let’s not forget the ongoing endeavour it is to keep carpets and rugs looking their best. We know that despite fastidious use of the vacuum cleaner, sometimes a more intensive clean is necessary to revitalise this type of flooring. And that’s where the Rug Doctor comes into its own, it’s the ultimate DIY carpet cleaner, speedily transforming carpets and rugs from dowdy to delightful. This carpet cleaner rental machine uses a variety of cleaning solutions designed to target specific cleaning tasks to revitalise your carpet, rugs and even fabric furniture.

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