Lights adds style and elegance to any space.

Illuminate your interior space and let your style shine with impressive floor lamps and table lamps from our lighting collection. Lighting does so much more than illuminate a room – it has the ability to transform the look of a space, create an ambience and define zones. Often, we forget how important lighting is and rely on the purely functional lights whose purpose is to keep us out of the dark. But used effectively, lighting can shape the feel of room, generating cosiness, depth and height and successfully add another dimension to a space. Rather than rely solely on the harsh, general light provided by singular ceiling lights or downlighters, consider where do you need light, what mood do you want to evoke and what compliments the style of your space? The trick is to create layers of lighting, affording yourself options to manipulate how the space acts and feels. A contemporary floor lamp such as the Jane Silver Floor Lamp positioned next to an accent chair in a living space can define a zone and provide a soft light, perfect for reading, scrolling and relaxation. Consider the direction of the light, downlighting, while functional, casts harsh shadows and can be difficult to relax in. When task-lighting is not needed, opt for a uplighter and create a softer, more sophisticated glow as is created by the Art Deco Floor Lamp. Table lamps like the Leah Ball Table Lamp create a welcoming feel. Remember, the combination of a number of light sources at different levels can alter the proportions of room, effectively giving it volume while retaining a cosy atmosphere. To add a dramatic glow, consider a lamp with a dark shade and a reflective lining, such as the Elsa Floor Lamp – a decadent and sophisticated choice for a touch of indulgence. In a bedroom setting, lamps can really make a statement, create a dreamy mood with refined elegance of the Bianca Table Lamp. When choosing bulbs for your floor and table lamps, opt for warm rather than cool light to create a soft, snug feel. Ultimately, your lighting should be effective, attractive and inviting – find lights that suit your style at Clarke’s of Bailieborough.

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