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“Measure twice, cut once” is the age-old advice and with our collection of precision measuring tools, getting the measurements just right is easy. Whether you’re measuring meters or millimeters, we have the tools to do the job and to do it right. Quality tools from favoured brands StanleyFaithfullTimCoBenmanProtool and F.F.Group are a great addition to your toolkit.

Arm yourself with a ruler and trusty measuring tape from leading brands StanleyBenman or F.F.Group and take the guesswork out of measuring up. For longer distances, place your trust in the Benman Professional Measuring Tape 50 Meter or opt for an F.F.Group Fibreglass Tape, available in 20m, 30m or 50m options. The TimCo Digital Measuring Wheel has a digital read out, a telescopic handle and is water and moisture resistant, the ideal measuring tool for determining distances outdoors.

Stay level with a reliable spirit level in a choice of lengths and styles. The Faithfull Spirit Level Set contains three spirit levels, meaning you always have the perfect spirit level for the job at hand. The F.F.Group Magnetic Torpedo Level 220m allows you to keep both hands free when working with metal and steel. Make sure everything is justified and centred with a plumb bob from SupaDec.

Make sure your angles are always correct with an indispensable carpenters square. A measuring tool fundamental to any construction job, a combination square offers precise readings. The Faithfull Prestige Combination Square Twin Pack provides outstanding measuring accuracy.

Stay safe and clear of electrical charges – use a voltage tester to avoid accidents. To detect the presence of voltage, reach for a Benman Voltage Tester or the Protool Digital Multimeter.

Ramp things up a notch with a laser level and laser distance measure from Skil. The ultimate measuring tool for ensuring accurate straight line references along any surface, the Skil Crossline Laser Level makes renovation, installation and assembly so much easier. Calculating distances accurately is simple with the Skil Laser Distance Measure, its 30m working distance makes calculating distances easy.

Take the hassle out of measuring, make it simple and straightforward with the proper tools for the job – available to buy in store and online at Clarke’s of Bailieborough.

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