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Occasional Chairs

Why do you need an occasional chair?

Occasional chairs are those chairs that are only used, well, on occasion. They are typically not part of a set like dining chairs or sofas. These are standalone pieces that are not used on a daily basis. So why would you want to consider buying one of these chairs? Here are some good reasons. 
The primary purpose of the occasional chair is to provide additional seating when needed. When there are too many people to fit around the dining table or on the sofa, occasional chairs can give people a spot to occupy. 
Ordinarily, occasional chairs come in neutral and classic designs. This makes them very easy to incorporate into any room as they will work seamlessly with any motif and will not distract from the existing style already going on in the area. 
On the other hand, it is also a wonderful idea to use occasional chairs as accent pieces. Since they do not have the same design as the rest of your furniture anyway, why not go all out and pick one that will really stand out? Such chairs will draw the attention of anyone who enters the room and make for an interesting topic of conversation. 
Any room in the house can have an occasional chair. You can put a stately leather chair like the Barna Armchair by the fireplace where it can certainly be put to practical use during the winter. The Cindy Velvet accent chair is perfect for the bedroom for some nighttime reading. And if you are looking for something more portable that you can take from room to room as needed, the Eames Style Studio Chair Patchwork is a perfect choice. 
There are no set rules when it comes to occasional chairs so feel free to explore the many options and go with what you really like.  

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