Protool Work Platform

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We are proud to present our Protool Folding Aluminium Work Platform, which is the perfect solution for all your elevated work needs. This platform is designed to provide a safe and stable surface for you to stand on while working at heights, and it is both lightweight and durable.
Constructed using high-quality aluminium, this work platform is built to withstand heavy use and is suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its folding design, it is easy to store and transport, while the non-slip surface ensures maximum safety and stability while working.
The platform measures 51cm x 78cm, providing ample space for you to stand on while performing tasks such as painting, decorating, or changing light bulbs. It can support a weight capacity of up to 150kg, allowing you to tackle even the toughest of jobs with ease.
Overall, this Protool Folding Aluminium Work Platform is an essential tool for anyone who needs to work at heights. Don't hesitate to order yours today and take your work to new heights with confidence!
Product Details:
Size: 51 x 78 cm
Item Code: 5391534318330


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