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ReadyBlaze Wood Wool Firelighters


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ReadyBlaze Wood Wool Firelighters are the ultimate solution for igniting your fires and barbecues. These premium firelighters are made from non-toxic wood and bio-wax, ensuring an odorless and eco-friendly burn.
Our wood wool firelighters are ideal for use on both indoor and outdoor fires, including barbecues, and each piece burns for an impressive 5-7 minutes, providing ample time to ignite your fuel and get your fire started.
With 24 pieces per pack, ReadyBlaze Wood Wool Firelighters are both safe and easy to use. Simply place one or two firelighters in your fire pit, fireplace or barbecue, and light the edge of the wood wool. The firelighters will quickly ignite and produce a strong, steady flame to ignite your fuel.
Don't settle for second-best firelighters - choose ReadyBlaze Wood Wool Firelighters for a fast, safe and reliable ignition every time. Order your pack today and experience the ultimate fire starting solution!
Multi purpose, perfect for BBQ's and fires
Long Lasting - each firelighter burns for 5-7 minutes 
Non Toxic - made from wood and bio wax
Odourless and safe and easy to use
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