Which rug to choose?

Rugs and carpets have been a relevant aspect of interior decor for many centuries. History tells us that much. For instance, we know that they go as far back in time as more than 5,000 years ago, nomadic people made rugs hand-oven from sheep, goat, and camel hair. Similarly, this piece of decor had since evolved with the Persians perfecting the art of integrating precious metals such as silver and gold into wool rugs. But, are rugs still relevant?

The diverse flooring options available today have lifted dependence on rugs as the main anchor of our living or official space. Beautiful tiles are sometimes seen as sufficient. But, having a wide space with no softening base in some portions often disagrees with our need for comfort. 

Whether we like it or not, rugs will continue to help enhance our floors even well into the future. There's a reason these dwelling items has lingered for thousands of years! 

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