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Sideboards have been around since the early 19th Century but did not become popular until the 1960s when people began to see the need for them in a residence. These pieces of furniture provide a good opportunity for more storage in a living or official space. They look just like dressers, though with longer frames and lowness to the ground. Typically, sideboards are found at the entry to a living room or even to an entire building. 

Interestingly, there is a growing trend of some people having a preference for a sideboard in their dining room. For this area of a house, sideboards are regarded as buffets,  which are sometimes used as a presentation platform for food that would be shared by a family. As such it is placed close enough to the dining table, helping to hold plates, side dishes, decanters, and other needed accessories for a meal. Apart from that, sideboards are good for storing items that you need in a room but want out of sight. As such, they frequently contain drawers and cupboards. 

Nonetheless, sideboards can be used in other areas of the house and for more exciting reasons. For instance, you can put one in the entryway to your living room as a way of showing off your taste and style. You can display ornaments and antiques on the surface, any of which can be a good conversation starter with guests. Sideboards are also useful in the living room, sometimes functioning as a holder for media devices like T.V. 

Whether you need a sideboard in your dining room, living room or bedroom, or working space, Clarke's of Baillieborough has made a selection of sideboards of different sizes, styles, and finishes. Browse through this category for exactly what you need.

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