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Space optimization is a huge priority for many homeowners today. This is one of the reasons why sliding wardrobes are now very much in demand especially for the bedroom.  

These sleek and modern sliding wardrobes have a lot of advantages over the traditional hinged design. To begin with, they give you more extensive wardrobe space and longer shelves as well for your folded clothes and other items. This makes for much easier organization. Sliding wardrobes also do not require any space clearance as there is no door that needs to open outwards. This makes them preferable to hinged wardrobes as they are ideal for limited spaces, although they do work very nicely in bigger rooms as well. 

Another great advantage of sliding wardrobes is that many of them have fully mirrored doors, which are both functional and stylish at the same time. Take the Luca Grey Wolfram Mirrored Sliderobe or the Cuba 1.8m Sliding Robe in Black. These are highly elegant pieces that offer ample storage and boost the aesthetic value of your room at the same time. 

Sliding wardrobes with solid wooden doors are also quite popular because they give your room a traditional and classy look. You can even pick the kind of wood that will match the rest of the furniture in your bedroom, creating a cohesive interior. The Wiemann Miami Sliderobe 2-Door with dark rustic oak doors and carcass is a great addition to any bedroom. You can also get the 4-Door variety if you require more shelf space and if your bedroom can accommodate the size. 

With the highly streamlined design of sliding wardrobes and their efficiency as a storage solution, it is no wonder that people are opting for this over other types of wardrobes. 

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