Stanley FatMax Spirit Level 3 Vial 60cm

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These Stanley FatMax® heavy-duty box levels guarantee accuracy through machine milling on two sides and improved vial views for easy use. The levels feature a bridged large center vial for marking continuous lines on workpieces. The dual bi-material grips allow for convenient carrying and vertical leveling, while shock-absorbing end caps increase their lifespan.
With a ±0.5mm/m accuracy on one face and ±0.7mm/m on the other, the levels are covered by a 5-year accuracy guarantee.
Outclassing the competition, these levels are 6mm taller, 6-9mm wider, and heaviest in their class, providing ultimate strength and durability.
The 600mm (24in) Stanley STA 1-43-524 FatMax® Level is part of this range.
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