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A carpenter’s square is an invaluable piece of equipment for every carpenter, joiner or fabricator, it establishes accurate right angles and mitre angles – vitally important measurements for a well-finished job. F.F. Group manufacture a reliable try square which accurately measure those all-important 90° angles – the F.F. Group Try Square 6” is made from hardened polished steel and is double-sided. An immensely useful multi-measure tool developed by Faithfull is the Faithfull Prestige Combination Square Twin Pack. Containing 6” and 12” combination squares capable of measuring 45°, 90° and 135° angles, these measuring tools have an incorporated spirit level to measure horizontal and vertical planes and can be used as a try square, T-square, mitre square and depth and marking gauges. The Hilka 300mm Combination Square presents a metric and inch rule and boasts an in-built spirit level and scriber, a fantastic aid for woodworking and metalworking projects.

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