What is architrave function?

Shop our range of pre-finished white and wood effect door architraves. Architrave is the strip of moulding which is fixed around interior doorways and windows. Primarily decorative in function, it also hides the expansion gap between the door or window-frame and the wall. In order to give the woodwork in a room a sense of design cohesion, architrave is generally the same material and aesthetic as the skirting boards. As stockists of premium wood products manufacturer Trojan, we at Clarke’s of Bailieborough sell a selection of Trojan architrave that matches Trojan skirting boards. Choose from Trojan architrave in Loft Oak, Natural Oak, Rustic Oak and White Oak wood effects or from a choice of two different profiles of pre-finished Trojan white architrave. Each length of door architrave measures 2.2 meters. Trojan’s range of skirting, door architraves, cover strips and beading have been designed and developed to compliment wooden flooring and laminate flooring as well as tiled and carpeted floors, using the tones and textures of wood to evoke warmth in an interior space or employing the crisp aesthetic of white to add a streamlined freshness to a room. Time spent choosing door architraves and skirting really is time well spent – these elements enhance the style and composition of a room and provide a professionally finished look. Clarke’s of Bailieboroughsuppliers of architraves.

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